online lessons via whatsapp

See below details about one to one online lessons which guarantee 100% attention and  accurate listening and speaking training. There are also discussions on several subjects as part of the improvement process.


Spanish (Cuban version, some vocabulary from Spain is also included in the videos)

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 – Plus conversations about a wide variety of subjects.

Online vía WhatsApp – Granting access to the teacher google drive for getting tools and materials.

LAURA -I devised this method using two decades of language instruction experience, and with help of top researchers at Havana University. This is a definitive language learning method, which I’m proud to offer to foreign visitors, as well as Island residents, in hopes of bringing them closer together.

Student’s book, Workbook, Illustrations, Audio Tracks, Videos and Power Point Presentations.

This course focuses on communication skills, but also includes grammar summaries with related exercises. The book starts with Laura being 11 years old and living in Cuba with her family; it ends when she is married, has a child and is working in London.
The students are constantly practicing the four basic skills through the use of all tools mentioned above.
They also have conversations with locals who are learning English language with me.

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